Experience Match Day at the World's Greenest Football Stadium

Forest Green Rovers FC (FGR) are considered to be the greenest football club in the world. Led by Chairman and “green energy” industrialist Dale Vince, FGR became the first and only football club in the world to be 100% vegan. FGR is also the first club to be certified as carbon neutral by the United Nations.

The club’s latest and perhaps most impactful commitment to sustainability is Eco Park, a new 5,000 seat stadium designed by world renowned architects Zaha Hadid. Eco Park will be constructed almost entirely of timber, creating a first-of-it’s kind structure that is both dramatic and sustainable. The building materials, along with landscape features, green space implementation, and creative sustainable energy processes will help make Eco Park a carbon neutral or carbon negative football stadium.

The Brief

Delays and setbacks in the approval process for Eco Park have led to waning enthusiam for the project among supports and the local community, which has been compounded by the halting of matches due to COVID-19.

FGR is looking for way to revitalize excitement and provide a useful reference guide for the new stadium in order to build support among fans and the local community ahead of an anticipated 2022 opening of Eco Park.

Mood Board for Forest Green Rovers FC

The Concept

Outdoor advertisements (shops, metro stops, etc.) will be placed throughout Nailsworth and surrounding areas. These adverts will be eye-catching and interactive, and will instruct users to scan a QR code that will launch an immersive AR experience simulating what match day will feel like at Eco Park.

Users will be able to virtually navigate and explore the exterior, interior, seating areas, and pitch of Eco Park on match day. The enhanced level of immersion and engagement will build excitement among FGR supporters and provide a more tangible connection to Eco Park ahead of construction. The progressive web app will also include features that allow users to reserve seating, access more information about Eco Park, and more.

The Outcome

Initial flows and wireframes were created to map out the user journey from initial engagement through the AR experience of match day at Eco Park.

User Flows for Forest Green Rovers FC

Wireframes for Forest Green Rovers FC

Two versions of outdoor advertisements were created, along with several screens depicting the immersive, web-based AR experience that users would be able to navigate via smartphone.

Outdoor Ad Mockups for Forest Green Rovers FC

Screen Mockups for Forest Green Rovers FC

A clickable prototype was also created to demonstrate what a basic version of the Match Day AR experience might be like.

View Prototype